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Provides tips and rules for running a campaign city and nation. Cardstock cover, 64 pages and a colored map. Here is the nomadic culture of Ylaruam. Also includes rules for desert survival and trade caravans. Cardstock cover, 64 pages and colored map. Includes details on schools of magic and magical duels. Cardstock cover, 96 pages and colored map. Features several short adventures. Includes 32 pages. The set combines Basic Dungeons. Caves and Caverns, and Lower Dungeons.

There are many to choose from in the Shady Dragon Inn. Pregenerated character stats and their personalities. DMs will find this a valuable source for non-player characters. Land of Heroes! This product features several short adventures and details on the life of an adventurer. Hundreds of pre-generated sets for character levels 1st to 9th. This package also includes a mini- adventure for use with the Expert rules set. Package includes an adventure!

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This is the ultimate sourcebook of many new magic items and their myriad effects. Over magic items are described in detail complete with game stats.

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This includes character and monsters, carts, trees, streams and an adventure! This screen gathers all the crucial character Information Into one location where it can be found at a glance. Includes a special Master level adventure the Spindle through desert wastes. It includes an assortment of never-before-seen creatures! These tales feature gruesome gigantic foes and dreaded dragons!

Features incredible creations around which entire adventures may be designed including such items as flying ships and engines of destruction, terrible traps and humorous helpers. This provides complete details on 1 5 different mythological pantheons for use in developing your campaign back- ground. Here are the gods, heroes and monsters of an- cient legend, now available for use in your fantasy campaign.

Hardbound page book. Here is the most popular fantasy role playing game of all time. Come join the ranks of heroes and legend to drive back the forces of evil and darkness from a wild land. This is the book that no fighter, cleric, mage or thief would leave behind! This handbook contains character generation, special character abilities, spells and their detailed explanations.

It is a must for all players and Dungeon Masters! Then this book is for you. It contains all the hidden lore and special rules needed to create and referee your very own adventures. Details on dozens of treasures, rules for combat, movement and special situations, and descriptions of how the special magic items in the game work.

A must for every DM and any interested player.

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Here are foes to fight and friends to aid. The swirling winds of the Ether have been charted to lead heroes to grand adventures upon the many planes of the Multiverse.

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Special rules and magic effect modifications for use when adventuring beyond the Prime Material plane and into the realms of the gods. General descriptions of the planes and typical encounters, plus the routes most likely to be taken to explore these otherworlds. New character classes and combat rules, new treasures and tricks for the Dungeon Master. Are your adventures becoming stale and predictable? Here are hundreds of new creatures to challenge your heroes and to breathe new interest into your campaign. Many have been collected from our most popular adventures.

This reference deals with prolonged adventures beneath the surface of the world.

New rules for swimming, climbing, spelunking and proficiencies are detailed. Also provides new tables and instructions for creating your own Underdark Realm. Featuring new encounter charts, weather rules, terrain survival rules, and new character proficiencies, this book describes how to create your own wilds. Hardbound 1 28 page book.

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No longer will you need to spend hours generating reams of characters, it has been done for you in this 32 page book. Contains 32 pages of many common charts not found on the DM Screen, plus character roster forms. Features two screens: one for the Dungeon Master featuring combat, saving throws and other tables commonly used, and one for players that recaps PC combat and saving throws, spells, and gear.

A must for the serious gamer. Then the Book of Lairs is for you! It contains over 60 fully developed lairs and adventures that can easily be added to any campaign. A 96 page book. One features combat and saving throw tables, the other lists psionic combat results.

Features unique records for each major character class, and includes spaces for all game statistics and background. Contains 32 pages. Bands of baleful beasts prowl the rugged hills turning back anyone foolhardy enough to seek the secrets of Bone Hill! Can the heroes unravel the Assassin's krK t?

Now is the hour for cutpurses and cutthroats. The village of Orlane is dying, strangers are feared, and houses barred. What doom has come to visit this once pleasant village? All who dwell there must abandon their homes or perish - unless the heroes can lift the curse! Wits and innovation are more valuable than sword play in this exciting adventure. Through a cruel twist of fate, a small band of unwilling heroes are washed ashore on the island of the Sea King and must learn to survive!

A mighty crack sunders the earth to reveal a time-forgotten ruin. There lies their fate and perhaps their doom in the hatchling of the illearth. Features an entire town, complete with key personalities, in which to base the heroes. Also, there is a sample dungeon to explore. Locals say it's haunted, but hides a fabulous forgotten treasure.

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First part of the Saltmarsh series. Lizardmen are gathering in force in the swamp and buying large quantities of weapons. To what end? The heroes must slip into the lizards' den to discover their motives. Second part of the Saltmarsh series. The enemy has at last been revealed and retribution is headed their way! The last of the Saltmarsh series. Strange writings in blood on the walls. The attentions of a mad skulk are more than the village of Kusnir can endure.

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First part of the Alderweg series. Cardstock cover and 32 pages. But will bravery be enough to liberate the ancient Keep of Alderweg and to thwart the dark forces which strive to cast down its ancient walls? Conclusion of the Alderweg series. Yours is the chance to reforge destiny. There is everything to gain and everything to lose! Now a cryptic treasure map has come into your possession.

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Are you a match for the jungle and the unknown lands beyond? And there lies the shrine of Camazotz, god of the moon, rich in treasure and dangers. Contains original tournament notes. He has convinced the Duke to send an expedition to recover the legendary Soul Gem before his dreams become real! Only a return of a long-dead king can stop Pellham 's fall Into oblivion. The heroes must take up the quest for the lost king though the Island of Death be their goal.

First part of the Prophecy of Brie. The conclusion of the Prophecy of Brie.