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It is the sixth case of the game's World Edition Season 3 and the final one to take place in Europe. Chief Ripley told Jack and the player that Jacqueline was laying low in the Spanish countryside. There, the two found Jacqueline burned to death in a bronze bull. During the investigation, Cardinal Salieri , Sofia of Girona , Cassandra Papadakis , and the Bureau's own Armand Dupont were all arrested for involvement in the Promethian scheme, albeit Dupont was only there to join Jacqueline in her quest for more knowledge about the Promethians.

The referendum was also moved to the next day mid-investigation, signifying the cult had to detonate the bombs within hours. Despite this, the cops found banker Archibald Gilchrist guilty of Jacqueline's murder and of being the Promethian leader. Disguised as Promethians, Jack and the player were able to get a direct confession from Archibald of being the leader of the Promethians.

The banker then laid out the details of the murder. He then ambushed her, dragged her out to the countryside, branded her, and set the bronze bull ablaze in order to send a warning to those standing in the Promethians' way.

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The Impossible Dream

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For you or me to achieve our dreams, there has to be focused effort and discipline.

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But take note that that one percent has to be a think-big dream, and not some easily accomplished one. Think big and work hard to achieve your goals. As you step up the ladder of progress, you will discover that impossible becomes a little bit more possible.

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We dream big dreams and have enormous aspirations. But are we able to fulfill those dreams? There are some problems or hinders and we need to clear them. If engineering is a dream then job is also a dream.