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Jan 03, ambsreads rated it it was ok Shelves: romance , young-adult , annoying-male-leads , high-fantasy , historical-fiction , urban-fantasy , best-covers , annoying-female-leads , magic , buddy-read. Buddy Read with my love, Caitlin. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I loved The Crown's Game , it was great. However, The Crown's Fate was not on the same playing field. One of my favourite things about The Crown's Game was the magic. I was in love with the world building and the historical Russia setting.

This book lacked the enchanting aura that came with the first book. It al Buddy Read with my love, Caitlin. It also felt that throughout this book the characters lost their personalities. I didn't recognise anyone from the first book.

Read e-book The Final Adventure of Skye (The Indigo Chronicles Book 3)

Pasha was stupid, Vika couldn't stop complaining and I have no idea what Nikolai was doing but boy was it annoying. On top of the characters being completely not themselves, there was not plot line. No, sorry, there was but it simply was repeated several times throughout the book and caused the characters to be running around in circles and have the same conversation several more times.

So, it was just a tad boring if you ask me. To further my disappointment, this book was filled with useless perspectives. Honestly, this book could have chopped maybe a quarter off if it hadn't been for the useless perspectives for a page.

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You can bet I was rolling my eyes whenever I happened across one of those in particular. I wish I could deconstruct this better and maybe express my opinions in a more concise matter, but I didn't take much of this book in. I was scanning my eyes across the words and because the content was so useless to the plot I found myself napping with my eyes open.

I honestly don't remember a thing from the second half of the book. It all felt like it was trying too hard. I received an advance copy of this book for free. Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss. Vika was much more likeable in this story and really showed her true colours. Pasha seemed more serious about his role and becoming Tsar, but Nikolai was definitely changed, to the point where he was almost unrecognisable.

The storyline in this was about Pa I received an advance copy of this book for free. The ending to this tied things up nicely, which surprised me as I thought there would be another book to come. Jun 25, Jeff rated it liked it. If I were to put it straight out there, I enjoyed the first book more. Recap back to the first book; we were left on a cliff hanger with two brothers where one of the two is in anti-death, and a red headed girl is stuck between the two of them. Now, this duology is fully surrounded by the essence of a love, hate, life, death relationship but I feel like this book prolonged it more than necessary.

First book, man, it was a death drop for me.

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This one.. Fun ride, but regarding my fangirl levels, it was about a two out of ten.

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It was just problem mounting another problem! And also. That mother, Aizhana? She deserved to die sooner.

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I believe that she was a well thought out villain. Someone who really makes a reader want to tear their fucking hair out because of their vile actions in the book. Maybe like.. It took me about 3 weeks to get through it. And what happens after that? And bam. The end. The plot was splendid. A magical world that no one knows of except a few select people. And it takes place in Russia! If you are a lover of Russia, and magic, as well as a more toned down romance, this is my rec for ya. Jun 14, Kerri rated it it was amazing.

May 25, Weaving Fiction Sj rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , young-adult , Note: This is not an actual review I can't even think May 28, Suzanne rated it liked it. I loved the first book of this series very much so I was so excited to read the second. Unfortunately I found I wasn't as into this installment as I was the first.

The author is so creative and the writing is fantastic so I will read any book she releases.

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I am not sure if this was the finale because I do not know if it was a duology or trilogy. If it were a duology than the finale wrapped things up rather nicely. Ah man! I really wanted to love this book. I feel conflicted about the ending, I feel like the message is just wrong. I mean, I get it! You have to forgive but holy crap dude. NOT after what went down. The Crown's Fate was a good story to a point, for me. In all seriousness, this book could've ended at the half point.

There w Ah man! There were some things that I felt were just thrown into the story just for filler. Which wasn't, but I was confused the whole time while reading it, because it wasn't explained and when it was it was so vague and quick. It was basically parties, falling petals in the sky and characters dealing with their feels.

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But some grow and learn about themselves, Others finally reveal who they truly felt about others, which I was total surprise about. But one character, I felt didn't get a great ending, I felt that this person was forced into doing what they did because they were scared and manipulated, I felt it was unsolved and wished there was more to that character. The plot was engaging at points.

source site I felt the story was only plot-driven because I was eager and wanted to see where the whole plot was going. But to be fair, It was a bit disappointing. I guess I was looking for more magic, war and even revenge maybe? It was a slow, sad and at times boring read. For myself, the ending wasn't satisfying, I feel like the ending was quickly wrapped up. When throughout the whole story it was being built up to finally have a mediocre ending. I feel like this book is basically saying. No matter what bad things you do in life. Well, you know what in certain books sure, I love that message.

I'm basically approving the message and I'm not comfortable with that. It was a good story, however, I feel a bit conflicted about how certain things were solved. Which left me a bit perplexed. I'm going to sit back and let my feelings simmer for a bit on this one. Before I can actually review it.

Stay tuned ; While I didn't love The Crown's Game, I like the world and characters enough to give this book a try. Hopefully, it finally delivers on the darkness it promised me in the first book. I don't like when people promise me dark and gritty, and I get nothing. Also please let Vika and Nikolai reunite sooner rather than later, but of course let Pasha suffer a little first because he deserves it for putting Vika and Nikolai on the chopping block. The cover is of course gorgeous, just like the first one. Looking forward to seeing how this goes, and seeing my name somewhere in here lol Buddy read with this little shit that made me wait for seven months but it's ok because I love her.

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