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With the APC gone it was twelve clicks on foot over open terrain with the aliens taking numbers to rip her to shreds. Add to the equation a pulse rifle nearly out of ammo, a sprained ankle and, oh yeah, she was the last one alive in the squad. She'd last as long as the average snowball in hell. But at the same time he himself is hunted by others who want him dead.

As factions clash, the fate of the world rests in the balance. MF, oral, anal, swing, rom, sci-fi Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 3 Experiment, The - by Michael - A guy gets caught up in a scientific experiment that at first he resists then submits to. MF, M-tg, Sci-fi Factory - by Obsessive John - A man awakens in a metal room and finds out his captors want him to impregnate women, but why?

MF, nc, rp, mc, sci-fi Fanny - by Highway - A short tale of frotteurism. She had been an ordinary little girl, a bit wild but not remarkably so. She was very much of a tomboy but only a little more so than her mother had been, or so the mother felt. Everything was quite prosaic until about eight months after Rita's fifteenth birthday. The man of the couple is put in a bodysuit and the couple competes against the 4 male contestants in a series of sexual challenges, earning or losing points. Each male contestant is eliminated until only one remains. Then he must guess which of the couple is a woman, and which a man.

MFF, sci-fi First Contact - by Daibhidh - A bored and lonely space pilot receives a surprise visit from a curious alien. MF, 1st, sci-fi, humor Flicker - by Kage - An invasion like no other. Alien life finally arrives but not in a form we ever expected. Fortunately for some, it leads to some very interesting changes in the female kind. See how the crew of the SF holds up and works things out. MF, 1st, voy, sci-fi Part 2 Fogger - by Babylon - A boy visits Disney World with his family and finds that he has the power to alter people's perceptions of the world.

He quickly and tragically learns how to control other people, especially pretty girls. MF, mc, nc, inc, teen, preg Free Woman's Lament, The - by Slave to Magick - This is just a short little fan-fiction set in the Gor world where a Free woman is lamenting not being a slave anymore and is fighting between pride of being a Free woman and her desire to submit as a slave.

More psychological than erotic as there is no actual sex in this story. MF, rom, bd, sci-fi, no-sex Furry Tail - by Mistress Alexandria - A strange little tale about a guy and his more than human girlfriend. MF, sci-fi Futuristic Alien Rape - by Rex - A female laborer loses her concentration for only a moment and pays the consequences. If you dare. Spacely decides to hire female models from within his employees' families and the fun starts from there.

FFMm, inc, bi, wife-cheat, orgy, intr, toys, oral, anal, prost, gb, beast, ws, sci-fi NEW Geran and Nicole - by Conquest23 - Fraternal twins find a special love between them. Then they discover they are two of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and must deal with that, their new relationship, school, and much more.

MF-teens, inc, 1st, rom, sci-fi Ghost Of Me - by Johan Johnson - Upon dying, this story tracks the fleeting moments marking a restless soul's transition into the afterlife, and visit to his teen-crush, who had always been an out-of-reach famous boy, until now. MF, anal, sci-fi, paranormal, movie-parody Girl, The - by sissy - As a reporter for a major metropolitan newspaper, I hear all kinds of stories. Some are cold hard fact, some are pure fairy tales and a lot are in between. But this one? I think I'll let you decide.

For security reasons I cannot give real names and places.

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Neither are eager to participate but as the professor takes total control of his pretty assistant the fun begins. Master Chief, the last of the Spartan super-soldiers, has landed with the rest of his marine unit on a mysterious ring-world known as Halo, only to discover that a species of monsters, the flood, have started taking over the bodies of his alien enemies and marines alike and now look set to spread death and destruction throughout the universe. They have to be stopped, but he's the only one who can do it.

They exuded a kind of potent aphrodisiac perfume, when sexually aroused, from tiny glands in their vaginal canals. MF, prost, rom, sci-fi Heather And Hannah - by JustDivine1 - For sisters Heather and Hannah, the day takes a strange turn when they find out a dying alien race needs human females to produce eggs. MF, nc, rp, v, oral, anal, sci-fi Intervention - by Dave - The scientific community of Galactic overlords develops an unique serum to curtail the planets anticipated development of interstellar proliferation.

MF, nc, rp, v, cast, sn, sci-fi Interviewing For Secretary - by Bert Hart - In the year , secretaries are graded and hired on the basis of their sexual skills. MF, nc, rp, bd, v, tor, sci-fi Invasion From Within - by JustDivine - Mysterious extraterrestrial beings devise a plot to invade the planet the planet earth. And what better way to infiltrate a civilization than from the inside out? FF, herm, inc, sci-fi, lac, preg Invisible Girlfriend - by DevoSpudC - The Lakota had a legend about what they called 'storm spirits;' unseen beings that would appear during thunderstorms and play tricks on the unwary.

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A guy staying at his grandfather's farm for a while, experiences one of these supernatural beings. He can interact physically with everything, but cannot talk or bee seen. This led him to new aspects of his life he always kept hidden in himself. He finds out about new type of pleasure as he walks through his daughter's high school. Mf, ped, sci-fi Jackstraw - by Night Writer - A cheating husband gets his just deserts when his mistress turns the tables on him in a most bazaar way. MF, cheat, sci-fi, v, sn Jane Jetson, Astro and the Paper Boy - by Docker - A short story about the cartoon character Jane Jetson and how she gets taken by her pet dog Astro, while secretly getting filmed by their local paper boy.

The story is set in the future. It was unbelievable the junk people put in a garage-sale. A brown box caught her eye. What's this? Patent Pending. Still, even less would believe the story about the first group to escape. MF, nc, sci-fi Jillian Saves The World - by Marcia Hooper - Jillian and her friends had no clue what a mess they'd gotten themselves into with their moms. Then again, no one had EVER gotten into a mess like this. Follow Jill as she goes from being a very nervous schoolgirl, to savior of the world.

They have very special plans for her.

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Mbbb, ped, mast, oral, anal, sci-fi, celeb-parody Kate's Ordeal - by Foreigner - A young naval officer refuses the terms of surrender, which her shipmates accept; she then finds herself at the mercy of her new alien captors, who can think of only one use for her body. A tale of inter-species rape. Because they're bored One of them makes a wager that the loser has to be the slave of the winner for a week, doing everything she is told to do.

But in reality, the person suggesting the wager wants revenge because the other girl stole her boyfriend from her before everyone on the planet died. FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, bd, tor, asian, beast, sci-fi Late Bloomer - by Dragonfly - A beautiful young Botanist discovers a new species of flower in the Amazon Jungle.

She brings it back to civilization to study it, only to find out how strange life forms can be. FF, exh, bd, mc, sci-fi, lact, preg Leaking - by Kelli Halliburton - A bizarre story about balloons, breasts and lactation. You be the judge. F-solo, breasts, lac, sci-fi Leash, The - by Scott Benson - Futuristic devices assist this dominatrix in leashing her newest slave.

MF, exh, nc, mast, sci-fi Lilo and Stitch - by Stitch - Stitch sees Lilo masturbating in the shower, and decides to join in. Find a planet where the boys aren't afraid to get their cocks out; that's what. FF, oral, voy, sci-fi, rom Lord Of The Ring - Pricking My Thumb - by mrsmither - A man obtains a "special" ring that make other people do things that they might not otherwise. MM, anal, robot, sci-fi Lust In Space - by Malcolm - The starship Jupiter 2 hurtles through space at near the velocity of light, but still is years away from Earth's neighbourhood.

Zachary Smith, as well as 'the Robot' have been in space now seven years after departing Earth in October They have encountered many dangerous and fascinating worlds on their oddessy that seems destined to continue on indefinately. Her life then takes an interesting twist with one customer. MF, reluc, anal, beast, sci-fi Making Boys Hard As Rock - by Bassrn5 - A lucky gay man finds a pair of special sculptor's gloves, which when worn, have the power to turn things into solid stone.

Children Ex Machina

He uses them to turn boys and men into stone statues, selling them, auctioning them off and creating them for the sheer power of it all. And in doing so, passes himself off as a sculptor just as the original owner of the gloves had. MM, teens, pre-teen, ped, nc, v, bd, tor, fant, sci-fi Master Plaster - by Hinka - A strange artistic rich dude has come up with a technique for making very realistic statuary, so realistic that they can be made to cum for the entertainment of his guests.

MF, nc, forced-bd, mast, oral, voy, sci-fi Mating Clinic, The - by Zeta - By the year anything could happen and for that matter, probably will. What if a nuclear accident were to render most of the male population impotent and a large part of the female population infertile. The task of rebuilding society would then be left to a few dedicated studs. This one gets a spotlight in "sex.

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It's about a human couple in an alternate universe. Set on earth, but an earth where humans are an endangered species. The author has crafted a story where you could imagine such a scenario. Lots of interesting glimpses into this alternative world will fascinate the most cynical ass reader. MF, bond, voy, si-fi Melanie Is A Real Doll: A Magic Moment In Heaven - by Aquiarius - Was it narcissism that brought the full size female sex-doll to life or some other mechanism that made the sex-doll respond to the need to give its owner and master uninhibited sex?

She discovers a company that can help.