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Cannes With hardly a line of dialogue, Robert Redford is marvelous as a man lost at sea. FB Twitter ellipsis More.

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//Gay Love Story\\Ep.2//Gacha Life\\

Close Share options. Hood, however, moves beyond idealised lesbian romance and provides a more mature and undoubtedly more solemn glimpse at the realities of love. The novel takes place in Dublin — not Paris or Florence or any other city choking on its own poeticism.

So Natural, so Right: A Lesbian's First Time

Donoghue goes to great lengths to remind us that the women in her story are just women, and by no means are they exceptionally idealised. Despite revelling in her passionate year relationship, Pen is firmly in the closet. Her perpetual feeling of shame in a society that negates her and her relationship, as well as the anxiety of working in her former Catholic primary school, is poignantly contrasted with the tenderness of her time with Cara.

Cara is also a difficult character to sympathise with: open about her infidelities and with a penchant for emotional manipulation, the reader struggles to find anything at all loveable in her. It also gets points for including a trans woman in its lesbian ensemble. Is she played by a cis man?

Reader Interactions

Of course. But he honestly does a better job than any of the men who won Oscars for doing the same thing. It has so many feelings and I love a movie with feelings! Do not watch Bloomington. But this one is still fun enough. Still, points for being bold, I guess? Ally Sheedy is as unsettling as she is irresistible.

Like, not at all. I forced myself to watch the rest and have regretted it ever since. This, by the way, is the most interesting thing that will happen in this entire movie. Let that settle in. And Laurel Holloman gives an actual good performance! It may even make you like Tina! DM me, Shamim.

It makes very little dramatic sense in lots of ways and so many creative choices make me fully crane my neck. Liking this movie was an even less popular take among friends than disliking The Favourite and I apologize my Weisz takes from last year were all wrong. Twenty minutes in, I forgot I was watching a movie at all. Every year?

‘Portrait of A Lady on Fire’ Is the Lesbian Love Story We Deserve

Its biting social critique is as relevant as ever. Or maybe just something you wish was real. Its central relationship is obviously great, but its the supporting relationships that really elevate this film. Also also Patrica Charbonneau invented pants. Nothing to complain about here.

I bet Sarah Waters fucking loves this adaptation of her book. This is a visually stunning, deeply thrilling movie. This is an emotional, at times sexy, at times thrilling movie, that somehow still feels like just a slice of life. Follow them on Twitter! You need to login in order to like this post: click here. Carol has my heart forever but I am so here for all the Black lesbian- and lesbian of color-centered films ranked higher! All of these equal an automatic yay. I liked that one too though the ending was bittersweet at best.

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