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Almost everyone in LA except the Simpson jury heard detective Mark Fuhrman's racially charged comments from a recorded tape on Tuesday. And in a city that has not fully recovered from riots stemming from the police beating of Rodney King, the tapes elicited widespread indignation and deepened distrust of the police department. Black community leaders have called for a federal investigation into incidents of police brutality that Fuhrman mentions.

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Judge Lance Ito was to spend yesterday deciding if the jury will hear the tapes. List, at right. Computerphiles bought 1 million copies of Windows 95 in its first four days of availability, Microsoft said Tuesday. Although the number far out-paced the company's projections, so too did phone calls from people having trouble with the new software. Microsoft said its 1, troubleshooters can field 20, calls a day.

The lines have been at above capacity for a week. NASA hoped to launch Endeavour today, but rain from tropical storm remnants rolling toward Cape Canaveral threatened the blast off. President and Mrs. Story, Page Applying the ''workfare'' concept to public housing, HUD Secretary Cisneros proposed on Tuesday requiring public-housing residents to attend classes.

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HUD is also considering a time limit on occupancy. Defense and health-related fields are the only areas of government research to be spared the GOP budget-cutting knife, according to an American Association for the Advancement of Science report issued Tuesday. But health-research spending would increase 6.

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  • And defense-related research would rise 3. They say the law, which sets aside the Endangered Species Act to allow more logging in national forests, violates a US-Mexican agreement.

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    EPA chief Browner and her Mexican and Canadian counterparts will now take up the case and issue a preliminary ruling. An important Serb ammunition depot was hit. The assault was in retaliation for the shelling of a Sarajevo marketplace that killed 37 people. Five senior members of an EU monitoring team were killed during the attacks in Serb-held territory outside Sarajevo yesterday. And a photographer reportedly saw a French warplane explode in midair and two parachutes in the sky.

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    Russia condemned the NATO and Serb attacks and called for an international peace conference to settle the war. Story, Page 1. The sweep netted weapons, explosives, ammunition, and a suspected suicide bomber planning to blow himself up in Jerusalem's central bus station, police said. Meanwhile, Israeli police arrested four Jewish settlers yesterday for assaulting Palestinians.

    Story, Page. Organizers of a women's NGO conference near Beijing are defying Chinese officials who said protests criticizing China are not allowed, and demonstrations must be restricted to a small school yard within conference grounds. Hunger is often very much in evidence in the open sea, especially in areas where the Plankton is poor.


    For there is great diversity in this respect, most of the Mediterranean, for instance, having a scanty Plankton as compared with the North Sea. In the South Pacific, west of Patagonia, there is said to be an immense "sea desert" where there is little Plankton, and therefore little in the way of fishes. The success of fisheries in the North, e. Hunger is plain enough when the Baleen Whale rushes through the water with open jaws, engulfing in the huge cavern of its mouth, where the pendent whalebone plates form a huge sieve, incalculable millions of small fry.

    But there is love as well as hunger in the open sea. The maternal care exhibited by the whale reaches a very high level, and the delicate shell of the female Paper Nautilus or Argonaut, in which the eggs and the young ones are sheltered, may well be described as "the most beautiful cradle in the world. Besides the permanent inhabitants of the open sea, there are the larval stages of many shore-animals which are there only for a short time.

    For there is an interesting give and take between the shore-haunt and the open sea.

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    From the shore come nutritive contributions and minute organisms which multiply quickly in the open waters. But not less important is the fact that the open waters afford a safe cradle or nursery for many a delicate larva, e. After undergoing radical changes and gaining strength, the young creatures return to the shore in various ways. Very different from all the other haunts are the depths of the sea, including the floor of the abysses and the zones of water near the bottom. This haunt, forever unseen, occupies more than a third of the earth's surface, and it is thickly peopled.

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    The average depth of the ocean is about two and a half miles; therefore, since many parts are relatively shallow, there must be enormous depths. A few of these, technically called "deeps," are about six miles deep, in which Mount Everest would be engulfed. There is enormous pressure in such depths; even at 2, fathoms it is two and a half tons on the square inch. The temperature is on and off the freezing-point of fresh water 28 deg. Apart from the fitful gleams of luminescent animals, there is utter darkness in the deep waters. The rays of sunlight are practically extinguished at fathoms, though very sensitive bromogelatine plates exposed at fathoms have shown faint indications even at that depth.

    It is a world of absolute calm and silence, and there is no scenery on the floor. A deep, cold, dark, silent, monotonous world! While some parts of the floor of the abysses are more thickly peopled than others, there is no depth limit to the distribution of life. Wherever the long arm of the dredge has reached, animals have been found, e.

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    Protozoa, sponges, corals, worms, starfishes, sea-urchins, sea-lilies, crustaceans, lamp-shells, molluscs, ascidians, and fishes--a very representative fauna. In the absence of light there can be no chlorophyll-possessing plants, and as the animals cannot all be eating one another there must be an extraneous source of food-supply. This is found in the sinking down of minute organisms which are killed on the surface by changes of temperature and other causes.

    What is left of them, before or after being swallowed, and of sea-dust and mineral particles of various kinds forms the diversified "ooze" of the sea-floor, a soft muddy precipitate, which is said to have in places the consistence of butter in summer weather.

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    • There seems to be no bacteria in the abysses, so there can be no rotting. Everything that sinks down, even the huge carcase of a whale, must be nibbled away by hungry animals and digested, or else, in the case of most bones, slowly dissolved away. Of the whale there are left only the ear-bones, of the shark his teeth. In adaptation to the great pressure the bodies of deep-sea animals are usually very permeable, so that the water gets through and through them, as in the case of Venus' Flower Basket, a flinty sponge which a child's finger would shiver.

      But when the pressure inside is the same as that outside nothing happens. In adaptation to the treacherous ooze, so apt to smother, many of the active deep-sea animals have very long, stilt-like legs, and many of the sedentary types are lifted into safety on the end of long stalks which have their bases embedded in the mud. In adaptation to the darkness, in which there is only luminescence that eyes could use, there is a great development of tactility. The interesting problem of luminescence will be discussed elsewhere. As to the origin of the deep-sea fauna, there seems no doubt that it has arisen by many contributions from the various shore-haunts.

      Following the down-drifting food, many shore-animals have in the course of many generations reached the world of eternal night and winter, and become adapted to its strange conditions. For the animals of the deep-sea are as fit, beautiful, and vigorous as those elsewhere. There are no slums in Nature. A Continental fish which lays its eggs by means of a long ovipositor inside the freshwater mussel. The eggs develop inside the mollusc's gill-plates.

      One of the young ones is clinging to its mother and has its long prehensile tail coiled round hers. This characteristic bird of the open sea does not come to land at all except to nest.