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This landing of a rocket stage through propulsive means was deemed by many in the industry to be impossible — or at least so difficult and destructive to the rocket that it would negate the cost reduction of reuse via the refurbishment needed. But regardless of what others said, SpaceX pressed forward, testing the landing technology with soft, water landings without a barge before graduating to successive attempts to land on the ASDS barge.

While those initial barge landing attempts in were not successful , success in this regard defined as the booster landing upright on the barge and remaining that way after engine shutdown, those early barge landing attempts remarkably managed to find the barge with amazing accuracy each time. The choice paid off as the Falcon 9 — core — landed near dead center on Of Course I Still Love You to a live web and television audience.

Underlying a seeming look of ease, though, was an incredible engineering and technical accomplishment repeated time after time — each landing event honing the process from lessons learned via flight telemetry. Attention then quickly turned to which core would be the first one to refly, which customer would be the first to opt for this new offering from SpaceX, and when the first reflight would occur.

Originally, core from CRS-8 was intended to be a test article to give SpaceX valuable information on how cores perform in subsequent full-scale, full-duration hot fire tests at McGregor, Texas. When the JCSAT core made a remarkable hot entry landing, something SpaceX did not think it would actually be able to do, the plan changed to use the battle-hardened, operated-at-its-maximum-possible-limit JCSAT core as the test article.

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With that core put through its paces, SpaceX announced late last summer that the SES corporation from Luxembourg would be the first customer, with their SES mission, to launch on a flight-proven Falcon 9 core. Later, it was confirmed that core would be the core handed the honor of the first Falcon 9 flight proven reflight.

In terms of what now happens to historic core , Elon Musk stated that after a look to see how it held up, SpaceX plans to offer the core to the Cape for some type of permanent display. The tremendous importance of the successful reflight of core cannot be understated for what it now means for the launch market. Martin Halliwell of SES denied those assertions, stating that they were based on emotion and not on the technical and scientific aspect of the booster.

At a pre-launch news conference, Mr. Speaking after the successful launch, Mr.

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And the proof is in the pudding. Here we are. We did it. So now the questions are: What now?

When will the next reflight of the Falcon 9 occur? How many reflights will occur this year? Then next year? The answer is that reflight efforts will continue this year, with lessons learned from each successive reflight on how to reduce the time it takes to refurbish a core to eventually achieve the goal of reflying a core within 24 hours of its return to the Cape.

Elon Musk stated that this goal of 24 hour turnaround might be possible later this year, next year at the latest. Moreover, Mr. Musk confirmed that there are approximately six core reuses planned for the remainder of this year. Specifically, two of those six reflights will occur on the first flight of the Falcon Heavy, which Elon stated is still on track for a late-summer launch from LCA after SLC is back up and running. For the Falcon Heavy debut, the two side boosters will be pre-flown cores — one of which has already been seen under shrink wrap with its new nose cone assembly in transit to the McGregor test facility in Texas.

Intriguingly, that leaves two other core stage reflight missions this year for customers who have, at the time of writing, been silent about using flight-proven Falcon 9s. As stated by Mr. After those first 10 rapid reuse flights, refurbishment efforts will then allow each core to launch up to times.

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And this is the truly critical part to reducing the cost for access to space. As Mr.

So even when you factor in maintenance and capitalization of the cost of the rocket, the potential is there — just as it is with air flight or road travel — for over a fold reduction in the cost of access to space. Notably, the Block 5 — or as Elon Musk said last night could better be described as version 2. Toward aiding reusability, Mr. Musk noted that the Falcon 9 Block 5 F9 v. Specific to the grid fins, Mr. Musk noted last night that their current design involves coating the aluminum grid fins with an ablative thermal protection system because the grid fins experience temperatures right at their maximum survivability limits during reentry and landing ops.

In fact, some grid fins have actually caught fire during the entry and landing sequence based on their current design — something Mr. Musk noted is not great for reusability efforts. The new grid fin design will see a change in their composition away from aluminum and toward a forged titanium design that will eliminate their current design flaw and introduce greater controllability to the rocket that will increase the payload to orbit capability by allowing Falcon 9 to fly at a higher angle of attack.

While details of the overall ITS design have been refined and are expected to be released to the public in the coming months, Mr. Musk noted that the system is being designed for reuse up to 1, times — something that will significantly further reduce the cost of access to space and make Mars missions as well as the Mars colonization effort not just affordable but a viable reality.

It has been an ongoing nightmare, particularly for parents Joan and Peter and sister Ali.


It fits his pattern of behaviour — abducting women walking alone either late at night or early in the morning. Four men were arrested on suspicion of her murder after raids last March and April but will not face charges. Mr Lawrence has backed calls for a national database of missing people. How can someone be so cruel for this length of time?

Linda Razzell, 41, vanished in Her husband Glyn was convicted after traces of her blood were found in his car, although two earlier forensic tests had uncovered nothing. Halliwell did building work at her house. Sally Ann John was working as a prostitute when she went missing from Swindon, aged 23, in She was initially classified as a missing person but police launched a murder investigation in He is known to have had a relationship with Sally Ann.

Her partial remains were found 13 years later in a plastic bag near a slip road off the M5 at Thornbury, Gloucestershire, in Dental records were subsequently used to identify the hospital worker. Avon and Somerset Police have distanced Halliwell from the Hall murder but have never caught her killer.

However it later emerged there was a legal glitch as he questioned him on a remote hilltop without a lawyer.