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Simple reason to visit this place is that you can buy better gear Binan Village. Some of the quests work in this zone as well but i didn't wast much time here other than getting the gear. Valley of the Four Winds is a tranquil plain of lush farmland, bordered by dense mysterious jungles along the south and impassible mountains to the north. Just like Jade Forest most quests work here as well so it wont be a problem for you to level up.


If you are still missing some experience to hit level 89 i suggest you do some of the quests in Krasarang Wilds or Kun Lai Summit and than go for Dread Wastes where you will meet the mighty Klaxxi army. I remember i almost wanted to cry when i was there sent by an evil Kwam! If you like dark zones this is the perfect place for you. So why bother getting here and dinging your last level!? Simple, you will need Klaxxi reputation to buy a decent lvl90 weapon for your character. Klaxxi'vess is the location that is offering daily quests but will explain more about reputation later on in this guide.

Dread Wastes Map Congratulation you are now level 90! Getting gear after level Im most cases you can just queue for RDF and get carried. Getting Justice Points is the priority here, so farm thoes dungeons get Justice Points and spend them vendor his location is Townlong Steppes in Panda Land. You will see the corespoding icon on your map, one is for pvp vendor and other is for pve one. To be sure PvE vendor is the one sitting Niuzao Temple.

As you proggres with gathering gear your first goal is ilvl or and around 60k dps if you are rolling dmg character. At that point you can start doing lower raids like MSV. In the meantime and if you get bored of grinding dungeons for Justice Points you can queue for looking for raid have some fun and get some goodies there as well. Getting pvp gear is as ever fairly easy. Be ready to get your ass kicked so hard by some full geared players, they are doing battlegrounds just like you but their aim is to get Conquest Points.

Yes sadly nowdays battlegrounds gives bouth Honor and Conquest points so most of the players dont bother in Arenas.

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After you reach that ilvl or similar you can start doing arenas or just continue to do Battlegrounds for Conqest and get your self Season 14 gear. PvP vendor is Townlong Steps zone at Panda land you will see the icon on the map. Getting reputation with Panda land factions and doing dailies 4. Philip Wheeler.

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