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Counting Bears Math Game and Activities

The recommended age for this toy set is 3 and up. Pieces are small so it could lead to a choking hazard — supervision is essential. The pieces are high quality and contoured so that kids can easily grab them with their little hands. It is a fun way to introduce the concept of measurement and quantity to a kid.

The colorful set helps kids learn measurement as they put the ingredients together to form a completely new potion.

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They can make ice cream and conduct their own science experiments. This one comes as a bundle of two math games — Sum Swap and I Sea This game helps kids in developing early math skills in a fun way.

Skoolzy Rainbow Counting Bears with Matching Sorting Cups

Kids make their journey through the swamp by adding and subtracting numbers on the dice and take shortcuts to reach the finish line faster. They use math skills along the way and see funny creatures which adds life to the game.


It helps them learn numbers and think strategically to reach the goal. Players flip cards and unveil numbers on their turn.

The end goal is to collect as many sets of 10 as possible. There is a twist too — hungry shark cards which when pulled will make you lose all your cards. This is not for children under 3 years as the parts are small and it could lead to a choking hazard. Learning Resources Pretend and Play Calculator Cash Register is about teaching your kid math and calculation while having fun. It also introduces children to the different dollar bills, coin and credit card.

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This is available in two colors red and pink. It has a calculator that runs on solar power. The buttons are big in size so that children can easily press them with their tiny hands.

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From calculating the transaction amount and putting the cash in the drawer to talking to the customer in the restaurant or shop in roleplay — there is a lot a child can learn. The cash register builds counting skills, cognitive function, motor development and social interaction.

The cash register makes the cha-ching sound on opening and the beep sound with the credit card. However, these two functions require batteries.

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Another bestseller by Learning Resources, this is an assortment of play money consisting of pieces. It has bills and coins that look authentic so it teaches kids how to identify real money. They learn to add and subtract money. They print the bills on both sides so that they look real and kids can make transactions using the money. This set is or kids with ages 3 and up. What can I expect as a Subscriber? This includes holiday and seasonal packs, as well as other themed activity packs. How do I get my Rainbow Bear Pack after subscribing?

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Nami September 22, at AM. Powered by Blogger. Counting bears can be used as fine motor toys for toddler. Picking up, placing aand emptying the baby bears from their matching cups is good practice for grasping and fine motor skills. This helps develop hand-eye coordination. The easiest thing to do with the counting toys for toddlers is of course to count them!

Have you child count with you as they hold or point to each one. Count as high as they can go which is not very high at this age. Not every child is crazy about doing pattern activities, but it is a great early math skill that children need to master.