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Inaugural speech, University of Maastricht, 13 May May, , pp. Mendonza, Ronald U. English and Spanish version Matt eds. Lundvall, B. Borras, S.

Nauwelaers, C. Wintjes, , Innovation policy, innovation in policy: Policy learning within and across systems and clusters, in Nauwelaers, C. Wintjes ed. ISBN: 4. Edler, J. Kuhlmann, S.

Carrillo, J. Mortimore and J. David, Paul A. Wallerstein, M. Mogee and R. Schoen eds. Even at my relatively advanced level, Pimsleur has a lot to add.

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I agree Robert. I am ready to begin Pimsleur German 5. I noticed in the comments a lot of people mention pronunciation and vocabulary, but no one mentions grammar.

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Pimsleur also teaches grammar without teaching grammar. Pimsleur also teaches word order, tenses and complex sentences.

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By the end, a person can make their own sentences. At this point, I have learned as much from Pimsleur as I would have in my college German class for 2 semesters. I tried my hand at several languages and several different methods to learn them. I prefer the kind that has you listening and repeating since it is much faster than learning to write a new language and in some cases an entire alphabet at the same time.

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The 30 minutes a day, I think, would be good for people who go on vacation and want to pick up some of the language before they go only to forget about it as soon as they land back home, and in that case would probably work quite well. I personally do with the Pimsleur courses the 30 minutes to begin with and each next day I repeat the previous days' lesson before continuing with the next. Every couple of days I re-do several lessons again, because I found that, if you don't repeat them enough the language will stick for a while, but 6 months later you will have forgotten pretty much everything about it.

Also after about 15 lessons -half the course- my preferred method of learning I will take a break of at least two weeks and after that re-start by quickly reviewing lesson 5 through 15 again. Still I would say and agree with what you have written Pimsleur is far too expensive for a language course and it doesn't cover nearly enough. I also do not want to advocate piracy but will not blame people for it with these prices and limited options.

Another thing I could mention from my own experience , Pimsleur works okay for me, I do the lessons on the computer while cleaning the house, or on the bus when going somewhere but I do find that after several lessons I have a great need for a native speaker to have a conversation with. First to ask if I am actually pronouncing several words right, because even with the breaking down to syllables it can be hard to know if you hear and say it correctly, but also to have a bit of a distraction from the same routine.

People who are interested in only one or maybe two languages will not have this problem, but I myself like to try and learn as many different ones as I can and find myself easily mixing up languages, because with the same routine same words you learn in the same order and the exact same conversations in each and every one you tend to memorize the correct response to what you hear and that can be very tricky.

I just finished 30 lessons of Pimsleur Hebrew; thank you, now I understand the method a little better. I liked it, and used it well on my commute, though I did repeat lessons times before moving on. Maybe my attention was torn from my bus ride, but it was a great way to pass the time on the bus and only once did I nearly miss my stop.. I want to learn Mongolian for an upcoming trip, but am finding it hard to find a similar program. Do you have any thoughts on this?

I liked that I could commute by bus or car with it. Which would rule out Rosetta Stone or other hands on interactive programs. Is Amazon selling a fake? It is odd that it has really good reviews. Before buying from Amazon, check out the Pimsleur. You can buy either CDs or MP3s. The MP3s are cheaper than the CDs and you can download them right away. Also, you have a choice of Latin American Spanish or Spanish as spoken in Spain and download lesson 1 for free. They usually have a discount code about once a month, so sign up for there email.

Many of the comments were exactly my feeling, as well. I think the combination of the three fill in gaps for me, such as vocabulary and even other ways of saying the same things sometimes less formally. That should be about 18 months to 2 years. I think I want to learn the language and take the then highly beneficial 2-week trip later so I can practice on real people. Bottom line for me is that if I am serious about learning a non Mid Eastern or Asian language, Pimsleur is a great base for my language learning and can easily be supplemented with Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, Rocket Languages, etc.

Multiple methods would result in a few hours per day of exposure to the language, just as the doctor prescribed.

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Even though I studied French at school many years ago and know many of the words, I am still learning a lot from Pimsleur. In fact, I it was not until I started Pimsleur that I realized how inaccurate my French pronunciation was. It is important to understand that Pimsleur alone will only get you so far. My approach to language learning is work through several courses at once: Pimsleur, Assimil, Teach Yourself, Made Simple books, Easy Reader, grammar books.

It reinforces learning to come across the same word, expression or grammatical rule in multiple places. Each Pimsleur lesson needs to be done more than once and reviewed later. This highlights the similarities and differences and helps me learn to switch between them without mixing them up.


Pimsleur is great to listen to when walking or doing housework. For road safety reasons, I recommend not doing it when driving the car. Pimsleur requires a high level of concentration and distracts too much from the driving task. Great review. Donovan, This is an excellent review. Also, I am wondering would you please share more info on those languages that are going extinct as I am great fan of learning new languages. Thanks and appreciate it, Shilpa.

You really went far in this review, listened to it in several languages and even read the book. I agree with everything. It gives you enough grammar to understand the main points of what you read, so you can walk with your own legs in the journey of learning a language. Good review. Unfortunately if people ask me if I would recommend them, I have to say that they are way overpriced and I would only recommend them if they can find them free library for example or at a greatly reduced price.

You say that the language is artificial with excessive use of formal language structures — in the two courses which I have completed German and Russian Level One is entirely formal, Level Two largely informal, Level Three and beyond very mixed, and good, if basic, guides on when each should be used. My only complaint is that there was no Pimsleur course available when I started to learn Scots Gaelic! Unsure of how to spend it, as Spotify is my primary music source, i decided to try Pimsleur level three, lessons , as level 4 could only be bought with all 30 lessons…waaaay more money than I wanted to spend.

Your review is spot on. A bit overpriced, but it seemed effective. Hi Nathan, thanks for this great review. They do seem to give you some feminine verbs etc by using a woman as the opposite person in your conversations but I expect a bit more than that in …. I am learning Vietnamese and wanted to supplement my lessons with an audio program. First, but minor, problem is it is spoken with the northern accent.

The biggest problem is at times it is very hard to understand what they are saying as there is no written supplement. At times the man and woman speakers say the same word in a different way.

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There are many good things about the program, and it would be great if they offered a written supplement when you get stuck on understanding what is being said. I would not recommend it as the only learning program, but it is a great supplement. Really helpful info there on the Vietnamese course. The technical term is back-chaining.

Neither phonemes, syllables, words nor phrases are presented as backward strings at any time. I have found it useful in pronunciation and short phrases and sentences. For fuller sentences and syntax, not so much. Either you just sit in the office, waiting for an order from your boss or from a customer , or you proactively look for things to do. Original post April I'm sure there are similar companies in Chicago and especially New York. DI and [Boost]. Here are the pay and job prospects at 14 key firms.